One objective of our processes is to minimise the burden of pollution on people and the environment as much as possible. For example, production leftovers are recycled, packaging materials are selected from an environmental standpoint, and floor coverings that are surplus to requirements are reused. 



We are extremely careful

Recycling of production leftovers

  • Production leftovers from nora rubber floor coverings such as punching burrs and grinding dust are recycled. These are granulated and form part of the basic raw materials for various nora products. Here they are used as high-quality fillers and partly as decorative granules for design decorations. 


Disposal of laying cuttings and removed floor coverings

  • Reclaiming by nora systems
    Cuttings from newly laid floorings and removed used nora floor coverings with no major residues of filler and screed can be reclaimed by nora systems and recycled.
  • Material recycling
    Granulated rubber floors are reprocessed by specialist companies into fall protection mats, industrial matting or livestock pen mats and sports field coverings.
  • Thermal recycling
    Fundamentally possible as a substitute fuel in thermal power plants instead of gas or oil, whereby the energy contained in the combustible material is used.
  • Complete material-thermal recycling
    Energy generation in the cement industry by means of thermal utilisation. The fillers remain in the cement clinker due to their favourable composition.
  • Disposal on dumps
    Removed nora rubber floor coverings do not contain plasticizers (phthalate) or halogens (e.g. chlorine). This means that these substances cannot seep into the ground water. nora floor coverings can be safely dumped. Current regulations apply here, which may vary from region to region.

Environmental compatibility of packaging material

  • Tiles are delivered on palettes either loosely or in boxes depending upon the customer's requirements. Only wooden palettes are used, which are then reclaimed by nora systems within the framework of a European recycling programme and reused. The boxes are manufactured on a waste paper basis and are 100% recyclable.
  • Roll products are rolled onto cardboard tubing made out of recycled cardboard. The cardboard tubing is reclaimed and reused. The outer packaging of the rolls is also made of recyclable paper. The single rolls are prepared for delivery in a standing position on wooden palettes, and are then shrink-wrapped using environmentally compatible and recyclable polyethylene sheeting.