We place special emphasis on the ideal health qualities of our floor coverings. To achieve a high quality of indoor air, it is imperative that all the building products used in the floor structure have minimum emission levels. For this reason we recommend using only especially low-emission adhesives, fillers and primers when working with nora floor coverings. Meanwhile, specifications such as EC1 or Blue Angel, which stand for products with particularly low emissions, also exist for adhesives.

Ideal characteristics

nora floor coverings do not have to be joint-sealed because they contain no plasticizers that pollute the environment. The dimensional stability of the rolls and tiles when they are laid means that grouting is superfluous (with just a few function-related exceptions). This is a considerable advantage during installation. nora stair systems, stair margins and skirtings can be laid from the roll using SIFLOOR Goman special dry glue. This highly efficient dry adhesive is odourless and environmentally compatible, and doesn't contain any solvents, high-boiling point substances, formaldehyde, chlorine, plasticizers or similar substances. Other advantages are a substantially faster installation together with immediate usability and high adhesive strength.