nora systems and the Sentinel-Haus-Institut (SHI) from Freiburg im Breisgau have agreed to enter an extensive co-operation on healthy living building concepts. Its goal is to build and renovate buildings for guaranteed healthy living (i.e. low-emission buildings) that are designed in line with the Sentinel-Haus concept.

The Sentinel-Haus-Institut is an initiative by medium-sized businesses for medium-sized businesses. Since 2005, a process has been developed by the founding members with which a building contractor can come to a contractual agreement with the final customer and investor on a defined quality of indoor air using readily available building materials, regardless of the construction method and type of building. The concept, which was first marketed under the name "Q3 World of Quality Living", has been under further development since 2007 by Sentinel-Haus-Institut GmbH in co-operation with numerous university research centres, lawyers, practitioners in environmental medicine and building specialists. In 2009 it resulted in the publication of the "Bill of Health" certificate, containing recommendations from various institutions.

The Sentinel-Haus concept enables building companies and planners to construct healthy-living buildings in the private, commercial and public sectors based on a meticulous and project-oriented selection of building materials (where necessary even individually tailored to - health-wise - especially susceptible people such as allergy sufferers) and by working together with craftsmen specially trained on low-emission work methods. High quality standards for indoor air are provably achieved by means of extensive product checks backed up by current test certificates and seals of approval, as well as by regular indoor air checks during the construction phase and upon completion of the project. The investor receives a contractual guarantee of the quality, which in this form is unique throughout Europe and offers both building companies as well as planners a significant unique selling proposition where marketing aspects and legal security are concerned.

The co-operation with nora systems in the resilient floor covering product sector concerns the norament and noraplan rubber floor coverings together with the certified system solution, nora system blue. With nora system blue, nora systems is the only floor covering manufacturer to provide a system solution comprising certified, low-emission and perfectly matching components. The primer, filler, adhesive and rubber floor coverings have all been awarded the "Blue Angel … for low emissions". An "all-round carefree package" has therefore been developed for building owners, architects, planners and building users that stands for assured quality and health protection for the entire floor structure from the top edge of the screed upwards.