CA 01350

All standard nora products and adhesives are California 01350 compliant. These products are also on the CHPS (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) low-emitting materials list, which requires testing to prove compliance with California 01350.  The products on the CHPS low-emitting materials list can contribute to LEED Indoor Environmental Quality Credits for Low-Emitting materials.

The State of California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA)
developed California 01350 – a Special Environmental Requirements standard
specification - to cover key environmental performance issues related to the selection and handling of building materials. This specification establishes goals and provides an overview of special environmental requirements. It also covers guidelines for energy, materials, and water efficiency, indoor air quality (IAQ), non-toxic performance standards for cleaning and maintenance products, and sustainable site planning and landscaping considerations, among other measures. Some key elements of Section 01350 are procedures to ensure good indoor air quality to protect human health. This part of the specification includes product selection guidelines and emission-testing protocols to distinguish low-emitting materials.