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Proficient cleaning of nora floor coverings

nora floor coverings leave our factory in Weinheim as premium products. Cleaning is not to be disregarded if they are to continue looking good in everyday use for years to come.

Important Information

  • Sand, chippings, and sharp-edged objects may result in irreparable damage. During the construction phase, the floorcovering is to be protected using suitable protective material.
  • Initial cleaning must not be carried out before the adhesive bonding phase has elapsed, i.e. no earlier than 48 hours after completion of the installation of the floorcovering.
  • Use cleaning and care products from a correspondingly matched product range.
  • Do not use cleaning products with a pH value above 12.
  • Cleaning and care products must not have a negative influence on the electrical properties of the floorcovering.
  • Do not use grit brushes, brown/black pads.
  • Single disc cleaning machines for initial or basic cleaning procedure should not exceed 200 rpm.
  • The use of very high speed buffing machines should be avoided. These machines should not exceed 1,500 rpm.F or polishing, a sufficient polishing film is absolutely necessary.
  • Depending on the type of project/application, it may be appropriate to deviate from the standard recommendations and use products and procedures according to the recommendations of the cleaning agent manufacturers.To do so you must perform a sufficient number of your own in-house tests to find out whether the cleaning measures, agents and machines you intend to use meet the special requirements.
  • Any products and processes used may have no adverse effect on the floorcovering and its properties.
  • In areas exposed to heavy sunlight, an increased amount of the cleaning product is to be applied.