Plenty of room for creative ideas

Extremely durable and wear-resistant, long-lasting without coating, and economical – these properties have made the rubber floor coverings from nora systems into a worldwide export hit. But their practical usefulness is one...read

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The rubber specialist

Floor coverings from nora systems: Expertise in sustainability and design Weinheim, July 2012 – nora systems GmbH develops, produces and distributes high-quality rubber floor coverings, steptreads and shoe components under the...read

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Rubber with a 3D-look

His offbeat wallpaper and textile creations are in demand throughout the world: designer Lars Contzen has now devoted himself to flooring, exclusively for nora systems. The new norament 926 crossline rubber floor covering is a...read

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Why rubber flooring from nora systems should be your first choice

 Internationally renowned designer Lars Contzen works close to Frankfurt am Main, where he develops and designs surfaces, wallpaper, glass, textiles, furniture, flooring and more for many famous companies. In addition to a...read

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The most important utilisation criteria

From A to Z, from resistance to cigarette burns to electrical dissipation: there are many important reasons why architects, builders and installers trust nora floor coverings as the ideal building floor. Ten of the most...read

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Premium Quality – Made in Germany

Architecture defines living space – after all, most of us spend far more than 80 percent of our time inside buildings. After the walls, it is above all the floor that puts its stamp on the style of interior design – and it has a...read

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