Sustainability begins with the floor

Essentially, the architecture of a building is determined by three factors: the facade, the walls and the floor. As a rule, these integral components of the building structure remain unchanged for decades. The interior fittings...read

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On healthy floors

nora system blue, the first certified and environmentally compatible floor installation system, is conquering the world. Rubber specialists nora systems had launched the innovative composite system in Germany in 2010. In response...read

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On healthy ground

Especially where schools and nurseries are concerned, ever greater importance is being attached to the subject of healthy living. What this means is the quality of indoor air in buildings, which is primarily determined by the...read

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Hygiene begins on the floor

For years, the hygiene departments of clinics and other health care facilities have been occupied with the control of infections caused by multiresistant microbes. In addition to extensive preventive and hygiene measures for...read

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