„Check in 3“ Terminal, Vienna Airport, Austria

The new “Check in 3” terminal has been operating at Vienna Airport since the beginning of June, 2012: Formerly known as “Skylink”, the new building features unusual architecture and high-quality building materials.read

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Gold for nora systems

Every architect’s favourite through being innovative: The rubber floor coverings from nora systems have been honoured with the Architects’ Darling Award 2012 in gold. Around 2,500 of Germany’s leading architect agencies voted for...read

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hamburgmuseum, Hamburg, Germany

“Port as pacesetter. Hamburg’s urban development in the 20th century” is the name of the new permanent exhibition in hamburgmuseum which has been completing the so-called Historical Round Tour since June 2012. The Museum for...read

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Rubber floorings are the favourite choice

The noraplan sentica rubber floor covering from nora systems has won the gold Nightingale Award. Inaugurated in 1990, the Nightingale Award is one of the most prestigious design prizes awarded by the healthcare industry in the...read

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Maternity centre, Bronovo Hospital, The Hague, the Netherlands

The new, colourfully designed maternity centre at Bronovo Hospital in The Hague is more reminiscent of a family hotel than a hospital. Following extensive renovations, both the maternity unit and the children’s ward shine in new...read

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