Who is nora?

nora systems is the global market leader for rubber floor coverings and floor covering systems. With innovative strength and quality 'made in Germany', the company with its products and services support architects, planners, construction developers as well as manufacturers in achieving their aim of designing healthy and aesthetic interiors.

nora systems GmbH

Until 2007 the company belonged to the Freudenberg Group from Weinheim and was known under the name Freudenberg Bausysteme KG. It has been making its mark on the development of rubber floor coverings and shoe components for decades. Sold by the Freudenberg Group in 2007, the company now belongs to a German purchasing consortium.

Today the company employs more than 1,100 people, who turned over in excess of 205,8 million euros in 2012. Around 880 employees currently work at the company's headquarters in Weinheim, which houses both the development and production plants as well as the administrative offices.

nora systems is active in more than 80 countries worldwide, including in 16 countries by own sales organizations. The internal nora academy assures standardised corporate and product knowledge.


Corporate values

Customer orientation:

nora resolutely stands for premium quality. The aim of our work is always to create sustained and unique value for our customers. Only when they are absolutely satisfied, can we be as well. We achieve this not only with our products, but also by steadfastly accompanying our customers through the planning and realisation process. In doing so, we adapt our services to accommodate our customers’ individual needs.


As a team, we know that commitment, a sense of responsibility and reliability are essential if we are to work together successfully. Our day-to-day dealings with one another are defined by mutual esteem and respect, both within the company as well as towards our external partners and customers.


Not only do we produce and sell our products, we embody them. Quality, innovativeness, sustainability and a high utility value for our customers are just a few of the sound reasons for why we do so. This is made possible because we cultivate an honest and constructive working atmosphere. Our absolute priority vis-à-vis our business partners is loyal conduct. That is why we have been enjoying the trust of our customers for over seven decades.


Ongoing development is a prerequisite for a continuing existence. Our innovative spirit is not just restricted to developing our products. We believe that being innovative means continuously learning in all areas – from the markets, from our customers, and last, but not least, from one another.


Our roots may lie in Germany, but we think and act internationally. Whether economically, ecologically or socially, an integral and forward-looking way of thinking extends over all our activities. Responsibility is not just a word for us. It is our guiding principle and encompasses the reliability of our employees, our sense of duty towards them, and being mindful of our living environment.