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Customers want their shopping experiences to be unmistakeable and inviting, but with no lack of excitement. Regardless of calculated seduction or a wonderland brand – where flooring is concerned, we leave nothing to chance, but offer the ideal basis for your message and the presentation of your assortment.

Macquarie Bank

City: London. UK
Architect: Clive Wilkinson Architects
Floor: norament 926


City: London, UK
Architect: Marks&Spencer
Floor: norament 926 grano

Run2 Running-Concept-Store

City: Düsseldorf, Germany
Architect: BG2 corporate architecture
Floor: noraplan uni


City: Bielefeld, Germany
Architect: Oliver Stüwe
Floor: noraplan uni

Leonardo Shop

City: Berlin, Germany
Architect: Leonardo
Floor: norament 926 serra


City: New York, USA
Architect: Shawmut Design and Construction
Floor: noraplan uni


City: Mumbai, India
Architect: Chris Lee & Kapil Gupta
Floor: noraplan uni

Brax Store

City: Viernheim, Germany
Architect: Cri Cronauer + Romani
Floor: norament 926 serra