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Vibrant architecture

Public Buildings

Public buildings have an extremely diverse range of uses. From offices through to airports, railway stations, galleries, etc., there are a huge number of different usable floor areas. And the demands made on the floor covering are completely different as well. Whereas durability and design play a special role in one area, in another it may come down to special resilience and acoustics. nora floor coverings made of rubber offer all-in-one solutions for the most varied spectrum of usage.

Heineken Experience

City: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Floor: norament 926 crossline

Guangzhou Opera House

City: Guangzhou, China
Architect: Zaha Hadid & Patrik Schumacher
Floor: norament 926 strada

China Art Palace

City: Shanghai, China
Architect: He Jingtang
Floor: norament 926 crossline

Terminal, Vienna Airport

City: Vienna , Austria
Architect: Baumschlager & Eberle, Moser Architekten
Floor: norament 926

Museum of Hamburg

City: Hamburg, Germany
Architect: Arge Gillmann Schnegg (Design)
Floor: noraplan unita

Beijing Water Cube

City: Beijing, China
Architect: PTW Architects
Floor: noraplan mega

Police Department

City: Orlando Park, USA
Architect: Sente Rubel Bosman Lee

Municipal library

City: Garbsen, Germany
Architect: UKW Innenarchitekten
Floor: norament 926 lago, noraplan signa


City: Lovere, Italy
Architect: Gaetano Pesce, Alessandro+ Francesco Mendini, Giovanna Molteni + Emanuela Morra
Floor: noraplan uni

Hongqiao International Airport

City: Shanghai, China
Architect: East China Architectural Design & Research Institute
Floor: norament 926 lago

Concert Hall

City: Helsinki, Finland
Architect: Laiho-Pulkkinen-Raunio Oy

Pirelli Skyscraper

City: Milan, Italy
Architect: R. Sarno Group, Corvino+Multari
Floor: noraplan vario vivace

City Gate Düsseldorf

City: Dusseldorf, Germany
Architect: Petzinka, Pink & Partner

Federal Environment Agency

City: Dessau, Germany
Architect: Sauerbruch Hutton
Floor: noraplan uni

Escher Museum

City: The Hague, Netherlands
Architect: Karelse & Den Besten
Floor: noraplan uni

National Technical Library

City: Prague, Czech Republic
Architect: Helika, Projektil Architekti
Floor: noraplan uni

Ice Rink

City: Hangzhou, China
Floor: norament 926 grano
norament 992 grano

Israel Museum

City: Jerusalem, Israel
Architect: Pentagram Design Ltd, London

GLA-Building - Mayors Office

City: London, UK
Architect: Foster and Partners

Imperial War Museum

City: London, UK
Floor: norament 926

Gatwick Airport

City: Gatwick, UK
Floor: norament 926 lago

Royal Albert Hall

City: London, UK
Architect: Donald Insall Assc.