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Health Care

Health. This term implies much more than purely physical health, but indeed also incorporates the psychological and emotional aspects. Hospitals, medical centres, old people's and nursing homes and medical practices are there to heal and care for people, and with their ambience and design form an environment for their personal feelings. Architecture in the health care sector unites the aesthetic and emotional needs of people with the special hygienic and technical requirements.

FNKZ Pediatric Oncology

City: Moscow, Russia
Architect: Studio Asadov, Moscow
Floor: noraplan signa

Hospital Centre Alpes Léman

City: Contamine-sur-Avre, France
Architect: GROUPE 6 Architectes
Floor: noraplan sentica acoustic
noraplan signa

Children's Hospital of Alabama

City: Birmingham, USA
Architect: HKS / Giattina Aycock Architecture Studio
Floor: noraplan signa

Bronovo Hospital

City: Den Haag, the Netherlands
Architect: S & D Ontwerpers, Amsterdam; Architectenbureau Koldeweij, Amsterdam
Floor: noraplan signa
noraplan uni

Children's Hospital Bâle

City: Bâle, Switzerland
Architect: Stump & Schibli Basel
Floor: noraplan mega ed

BGU Clinic

City: Frankfurt a. M., Germany
Architect: Verein für Berufsgenossenschaftliche Heilbehandlung
Floor: noraplan signa

C.S. Mott Children's Hospital

City: Ann Arbor, USA
Architect: HKS, Inc.
Floor: noraplan signa

Forensic Hospital

City: Almere, Netherlands
Architect: Studio M10, Urban Design bv.
Floor: norament 926

Barking Hospital

City: Barking, UK
Architect: Devereux Architects
Floor: noraplan signa

Manchester Joint Hospitals

City: London, United Kingdom
Architect: Anshen Dyer
Floor: noraplan signa

Bristol Southmead Hospital

City: Bristol, UK
Architect: Avanti Architects
Floor: noraplan signa
noraplan ultra grip

Alltwen Community Hospital

City: Wales, UK
Architect: Nightingale Associates
Floor: noraplan signa

Evelina Children's Hospital

City: London, United Kingdom
Architect: Michael Hopkins Architects
Floor: noraplan mega, noraplan plus